• Post alignment F. Slightly sinuous alignment of 82 closely-spaced postholes. All features are of similar size and the alignment of these postholes can be traced from the central western part of the site where the postholes are most shallow, in a general easterly direction, turning slightly east-north-eastwards before crossing similar post alignment (Group 65) and terminating towards the central eastern part of the site. The alignment evidently continues as Group E to the east-north-east, with the gap between possibly forming an entrance (into a field?). The relationship between both post alignments is unclear. It is likely that this alignment extended further westwards across the site, however it appears to have been subject to total truncation beyond posthole 876. All of the features in this group contained similar homogeneous silty gravel fills representing general post-abandonment silting. These deposits are also included in this group.
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